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They Can'T Define Guidelines

Memes begin conversations better than posts speaking about the OSRS gold topic seriously. Hell is a meme. I tried speaking about this issue tons of times previously, but putting it into a meme arrangement was 10x more effective and got countless comments. The craziest aspect of it is all is that lots of articles are even more low effort than memes, nevertheless get to remain. . . Because they aren't memes. Tired of something with some title? No problem. Memes that took some time to produce and spark joy? They and one report're gone. Why?

Wow. Mods are boring round here. I really, really hate the"After X years of playing, I've achieved 99 cooking and I have no one else to discuss it with" articles. It is always the same formula. Include finally, wholesome or"woe is me" in some made-up bullshit story and you guaranteed a ton of upvotes. I vow to god, if after 15 years that you have not made at least 1 friend in this sport, 99 cooking is the very least of your worries. Why are memes even deleted within this sub? What if they are really funny or relevant to present topics? Still deleted?? Big agree. I don't like to downvote or take away from people's achievements however there are so many posts of 99s and maxing etc that it gets really mundane to see.

Humor is subjective, some may find it funny, some might not. Is this a reason to be eliminated? Who gives a shit if something is arbitrarily deemed"low effort", somebody please explain. The sub is a 5-year old child that wants something and will smack it out of your hand when you give it. Then it'll ask for it.

The very low effort thing I do not understand. Some of the funniest shit I've ever seen took 10 minutes to create in paint. Right? I agree completely, like a meme is not assumed to be this masterpiece which you've spent hours and hours is it? To me a meme is something you laugh in, see and continue scrolling. I really don't see the big deal. If a person cares about how much"attempt" someone put into creating something which they think at least 1 person will appreciate as much as them need their priorities checked. Can these people ever look at a child's first drawing and be like"the fuck is this rs gold 2107 very low effort shit? Come back to me when you're on da Vinci's level". What is the purpose? I'm not saying the creators are kids but my point still stands.
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