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I don't see why finishing aims in osrs

I enjoy reading small remarks. Reminds me there is friendly OSRS Money players who wish to enjoy a few moments. I forget that not everybody is an xp gain obsessed elitist. When playing your phone, what exactly is it you like to you? How far into it are you? I chop wood or just mine some ore or create some shit or rings. I have enjoyed the quests too, although I love to do up! The writing is funny! Combat lvl 38 roughly.

I want you to know that you made me want to come back. I miss RuneScape community and game. I used to love the social aspect of this, simply sitting at Motherlode Mine or monkfish and talking wholeheartedly with strangers. I met a number of men and women that were willing to talk about personal issues I was struggling with. I hope you like the miracle of being a penis for the first time. I haven't signed into OSRS since 2018 but I'd really like to add you.

I don't see why finishing aims in osrs is less an achievement than any other game. Or finishing a book. Or watching a movie. None of it is real, but this is how we urge significance to life. I think because it is not actually a"fun" ride half the time. Like, it's a game where most the time you're grinding for long periods of time searching for something to see or perform to stop you and normally doing the same thing. With a novel or film, you are amused throughout (ideally ) and with different games commonly RuneScape gameplay is the compelling part. I know for a fact I do not play with Souls wishing I had something else to do throughout gameplay.

Like, I am not having fun killing 3000 times to this 1 boss but god damn will I be glad when that tiny puppy drops, and that is what Runescape is about, the end of the climb. Exactly, just finished my level 5 functions. I sucked in the beginning at the defender and healer part. Had teams flaming me. Took quite a few hours but I have done it and have mastered every function. I have now taken a liking for it, although it's trendy to be done buy RS3 gold! This is precisely what I'm dreading. BA sounds really bad I still haven't completed Kandarin moderate.



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