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That Is A Huge Immersion Breaker

The thing with OSRS gold games, in addition to all technology, is they are constantly advancing. Think back to when runescape was first launched 13-ish years ago - consider how technology and gaming as a whole have advanced in the last thirteen years. Consider how many runescape players (myself included) left for other MMORPGs that use a similar action bar system. Obviously I'm speaking of World of Warcraft. Now I'm not saying runescape ought to be more like WOW, maybe not at all, but most moos today follow the EOC-style HCI. Why do 99% do this?

Since its proven to work. Without upgrades like this runescape would perish, not just from a game point of view, but from a business point of view. Jagex at the conclusion of the day is a business that must pay its employees, pay tax and most of all make a profit. If they did not keep runescape on par with competition it would immediately lose out.

Progression and adaption is critical to all things in life, but with technology it's even more important. You make the point that people have become the dominant race through changing their sorroundings, but that's a really different thing. I don't know how old you're think on the last twenty years - we, as tech users, have had to accommodate - through using VCR to CD to DVD, through the usage of distinct interfacing devices (touchscreen is a massive one).

In the world of technology, which gaming falls into, adaptation is nessecary from the end user. I am confident you'd rather see Rs 2107 gold stay up to date with its competitors and survive many more years - but with a backward attitude of"no significant updates cos we don't like them" runescape is place to slowly burn out.
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Kin Gang
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