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Hold On To Life In Any Way Prices Turned

That is exactly what I would like to do: Buy like 4k coal at 160ea, also mine 2k iron (wich OSRS gold can be made in a while ). Then purchase 4k nats (dunno what the price is currently ). And here come's my question: First is it worth doing high alch on these to bring some money back or is it better to sell them and return with exactly the identical process again by then? Thank you for the further assistance.

Well, I would like to perform Barrows, as all my friends say they always get awesome rewards, and that I believed I would have a crack at trying to kill every one of the brothers. I am considering using Ancients for its meleer brothers, and for Karil. I got 70 mage, so that I had been thinking of using Ice Burst, and freezing themso they can not strike me (the melee brothers that is). I will use. Total Light mystic, minus gloves + boots, barrows gloves, rune boots, ancient staff, glory amulet, Guthix Cape, Guthix publication (all pages), For Ahrim I will be using, Magic short bow, around 50 rune arrows, black d hide body and chaps.

Inventory - Runes for Kharryll Teleport, 1 blood two legislation. Incase something goes wrong... Spade, 1 prayer pot (4) only Buy runescape 3 gold in case... Sharks (? Just how many?) Runes for Ice Burst (Should I use Ice rush) Range materials for Ahrim,. Also - the number of casts of Ice Burst/rush if I take?
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