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I normally get known as a defense noob by whoever I struggle, even though I only have 70 defense. :conscious: I typically win against anyone, but rarely against anyone over 100. I don't use pots, and the only prayer I will ever find myself with OSRS gold is Ultimate Strength (rarely ever use this.) I don't usually use my Dds either, since I find it sort of cheap to use. I retained a small score of my wins/losses now (only counting the lvl 85s and above ), I have a winning ratio of over 70% from the duel arena from about 20 fights. I typically hit 15s up and up, occasionally I'll hit a 20-21 without prayer/pots. (My strength is simply 71) I'm aiming at 90 battle by next week. So, would you guys think about my setup pretty great?

(I did find a manual but there wasn't any map). I intend to melee both dogs and Tarn, here are my abilities and my arm (tips and guidance more than welcome)

I will also bring the Ectophial if I need to run for my life. In addition to the 100 gp needed to access lender. I'm thinking I probably require anti poison (am I right)... Should I attract pray pots? Then schools started and I forgot all about my character and Old school rs gold.I proceeded on a 3 year Rs Hiatus,Then straight back in the november of 07, I began rushing and raised my character to my current level.The final thing to talk about for Ancient Invention is the ability to further Enrich Invention-created tools Such as the Fish-o-matic, Hammertron and Pyro-matic. Using the substances found from the past, you've discovered ways to make the instruments more effective and act like level 80 tools instead of the level 70 ones they are currently.
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Kin Gang
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