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Creating Money Starting From These Stats

I would reccomend dreadfowls to 17, and then doing granite plantations until you're out of golden charms. If you become close to 32, you could try honey badgers, as honey comb takes about 5 minutes for 150 pieces. What OSRS gold I did for 40 summoning is the same as above, except I'd Compost mound pouches as soon as I could, got to about 31 and then made Giant Chins for 32. Then I just made about 140 Honey Badgers to 40. It honestly just took half an hour 32 to 40, including all the ingredients but the honey comb. I can not really remember the complete cost however.

I have been thinking about getting fire cape for a while today, and today I am finally going to do it. I have considered the equipment and inventory proved attentively, but I feel like there is something missing. This is what I am bringing: The armour I'm wearing is complete armadyl (Best ranged armour in the game in all directions ), and the bolts are diamond bolts (e). The things in my stock are sapphire bolts (electronic ) full guthan (For healing), dragon halberd and crystal bow.

Here would be my levels: 112 combat, 103 without summoning. 70 prayer. 77 ranged. 82 defence. 84 hitpoints, will boost as much as I can. My strategy is pretty much starightforward, I will use the bolts that are broad and guthan at first. Hopefully guthan and crystal bow will get me past the initial 90's without using any sara brews, and after the 180's start coming I'll try to do them survive with all the halberd out of a safespot. Crystal diamond and Buy rs3 gold bow bolts ought to ruin the 360's fast enough once they start coming, then I will just keep using guthan and goblin mace as much as you can until the Jad comes.



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