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That's most of it. To start off you need to go to the second highest room you are able to enter and start opening the urns. When you believe you OSRS gold have enough time to search all the urns in another room take action. Make certain that you receive each one of the urns in the previous area you may get into. I dislike the tombs because I am such a low level and might die from either the mummy or the bugs.

Things to wear: I usually wear nothing and anything that can lower my weight. But in case you decide to loot the tombs I'd wear some decent armour. Your Invi: It ought to have 1-3 anti posions or longer if you like. And about 1/2 of your Invi with some good food. Don't bring about snakes or swordies, since it will only be a waste. Things to keep: Really nice you have done Contact. I'm having trouble due to my combat level. Anyways Since you've done Contact I'd store all of it. Or simply store the Golden ones because there the ones with the maximum value. In addition, I think there's another quest where you can note every one of the statues (except Golden) and sell them into the guy by the Agility Pyramid. I don't recall what exploration.

I am not really sure what happens once your from the last room. I believe its exactly like any other space but It has a good deal more XP in the loot making it worth while. Greatest Stragagy: Your timed 5 minutes as soon as you enter into the first room. I'd search all of the doors to enter the the next untill you reached the next to last room you can enter. Make sure to see your own time! Then when you think you have sufficient time to hunt all the Loot in the room do this. Searching the Urns is the fastest XP it is possible to get. Also the Runescape gold 2107 tombs have the loot but people like to seek those for the very rare to find staff that is at the tombs. I'm not so sure just how much is the staf, but I asume it's very pricy.
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