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There Being A Greater Ratio Of Casuals To Hardcore

Or, you could do exactly the matter in Null, then AFK traveling back when your bus reached its destination or your kids wanted food.How is an extended period trip making any EVE Echoes ISK difference in these types of scenarios? If you are performing chores until you hear a ding, there isn't any practical difference between 5 minutes or 10. I say remove Autopilot from Nullsec entirely and make it totally safe in lowsec. Yes, eliminate the dumb thing where you can use autopilot as a get-out-of-jail free card like they did, which was terrible.

When did devs state afk travel could be fully safe? I am curious, because if they did state that then secure autopilot couldn't have been a bug.It is not just about afk travel. That comes with a consequence of being secure, especially if you chose"choose safer" that is supposed to avoid 0.4 and reduced. It doesn't always (because of bugs) and can't consistently (because of some high sec systems being surrounded by reduced sec).

I never supposed it was safe; I'd just guessed cellular sucked enough that no one could lock on fast enough. Sometimes, when I'd be semi-afk traveling, I'd see a little damage done to shields when passing through null-sec. This made me Cheap EVE Echoes ISK think once bigger ships came in I would be in a position to become one-hit, and it would no longer be safe.



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