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They Might Have Just Quietly Made No Statement

But police brutality and Madden 21 coins are two topics which have been pretty nicely merged with each other these last few years due to all of the protests. And there really are a good quantity of football fans who do not"get it" (see Mike Pence, or spend over 5 minutes with my conservative father in law), so even if it's just a trailer for a ridiculous Madden game, I will take it. Otherwise, maybe it is going to piss off them, I'm fine with this also, because fuck em. And they also could have achieved nothing. They might have waited a week or two for it to blow over and published it afterward. This way gets the message out there, even when they have silly business motives, it's better than nothing. There is many businesses and lots of celebrities doing and saying nothing. I respect anybody who's speaking up.

They could have just quietly made no statement and sent countless mails out to the press stating they had been delaying the afternoon that they were formally releasing the trailer. That tweet probably also had to get approval from some people quite high up. Sure they could do more, but they certainly could do less. Maybe this paves the way for much more large gaming companies making pseudo political statements? Lot of larger announcements planned for this week when this somehow doesn't have a peaceful resolution within the upcoming few days. Bringing any focus on the protests assists the protests. Doesn't matter if they are profiting from it. I could not have stated it better. Who cares if they stand to gain off it... That I really don't think that Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins they will gain more than if they just didn't say anything. It is quite literally the lack of advertising. They're specifically not carrying their event/reveal.



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