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When Westbrook Retires Or Goes Somewhere Else

Same I was young as hell but I might hold out until next gen. Hopefully it is a massive shift like it was leaping from the Xbox 360 to Ps4. The following gen is gont be glitchy af it's a whole new system so the first months of nba 2k21 myteam mt for sale on ps5 gonna be hell. Not worth it tbh waiting for 2K22 is prob the manner. They're also gonna shit only and the ps4 version focus on ps5.

I purchased NBA 2K, the Thunder in mycareer drafted me

Well now is a very transitional period for OKC. Here is the first season the Thunder have not had Westbrook or Kevin Durant about the roster so matters are quite odd. The Thunder dropped to the Heat Big 3 and have been a team on the cusp of something fantastic, but only reached one Finals. The best player on the roster right now is up for debate. My personal favorite is Steven Adam's due to his defense, rebounding, passing, and overall attitude. A lot of people would say Shai is the best player because of his incredible potential, and I'd be hard pressed to disagree. Chris Paul also deserves a nod for being an ageless wonder managing to direct a young and gutted roster to a"playoff" spot.

Biggest rival is hard to select. I'd say it's a toss up between Golden State (because of KDs snakely death ), San Antonio (since they've always been a big test for OKC from the playoffs), Utah (because their fans are garbage and also have had beef with OKC forever), and even Dallas but was more so in the past.I've been a Thunder fan since about 2010 and I could honestly say this group has been a blast to follow. A good deal of ups and downs Presto, although with achievement and all the roster somehow manages to put a competitive team. Since I've been avidly watching OKC they have just missed the playoffs and it was the season that both Westbrook and KD were injured for large stretches.

Westbrook took a group that had been a shell of its former self and managed to put together one of the most impressive individual seasons in nba2k21 mt xbox one history and carrying them to a playoff berth. Definitely put the Rockets. Fuck Patrick Beverly. The season well could have competed for a ring he pumped Russ out with a play that changed his career forever. Harden being there and being the whiniest player in the league also does not help.



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